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"Mini is a fantastic PT knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, fitness and training. I have found working with him to be challenging and rewarding. I always look forward to his tips on how to make cottage cheese and yogurt edible with protein :)"

Kuljit Uppal

"Although me and my partner have both done weight training in the past, we found having at home sessions a nice way to jump start us back into our fitness routine after we started to lose motivation and several months of "taking it easy" .
It was a great way for us to kick start our motivation and get us back into a training routine, and even though we were both semi experienced, we have both improved our posture and learned several new techniques to use in the gym!
Would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone , especially any beginners who are looking to begin weight training and don't know where to start , or are perhaps a little too self conscious to make it into the gym. The courses would definitely give them the confidence to walk into a gym and hit the irons with some knowledge of complimentary muscle groups, routines and techniques to use."

Matthew Priest

"An excellent, convenient service. Mini was professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. A perfect way to kick start your activity levels."

Ian Maltby

"I started training with Mini in May this year through AtHomeFitness, having never really done much exercise beforehand. We spoke over the phone prior to meeting and discussed what exactly I was aiming for in terms of training and what experiences I had previously, which made me less nervous about meeting him. On first meeting, he made me feel at ease and we went through what I was expecting from him and vice versa, with Mini's help I became more confident in training and was surprised at the results I saw in just six weeks. I completed the six week programme in June and straight away started training with Mini in the gym, I haven't looked back since. With his encouragement, I have begun to see real progress from when I first started and I am extremely pleased with the results so far. If you are looking for a trainer who is going to help you achieve what you want but at the same time respect your limits then I can't recommend Mini enough!"

Adam Naylor

"Very knowledgeable and passionate, and a great motivator! Great to train with!"

David Tuckley

"Just had my 6 week review. Lost 5.6kg thanks to great diet & lifestyle advice, & weights-based fitness programme. I totally recommend Mini for anyone in need of support in adopting a better, stronger, healthier lifestyle. I'm carrying on with his help; this is just the beginning!"

Ruth Hare

"A great trainer who really got me into exercise when I thought I never would - highly recommend!"

Robyn Willow

"I managed to loose 1st 10lbs with the six week programme and have continued with personal training sessions since then and continue to loose.

Mini is very knowledgable when it comes to nutrition and fitness and is a great motivator. He has kickstarted my fitness journey and I could not recommend him more."

Pardeep Jassal

"Mini is a fabulous PT. He makes training enjoyable every week and knows exactly how to get the best out of you to make sure you reach the fitness goals you desire."

Emily Helen

"I was getting to a point I knew I had to lose weight, my other half suggested doing at home fitness, i thought i would give it a try and we met Mini. At first I did the 6 week promise and I lost almost a stone!! I couldn't believe it! We were both so impressed that we decided to stay on and now we have him twice a week! It's a great way to get fit in your own home (if you maybe a bit self concious) and you can do it with a partner too! Couldn't recommend him enough"

Steph Chan

"Excellent personal training sessions at home. I would recommend to anyone as results were simply amazing!"


"Mini provides an excellent PT service. He is knowledgeable, so is able to give good tips and advice. Training with him has helped me gain confidence and has allowed me to reach my goals."

Kiran Jhumat

"Having sat there and did nothing for years it was time to make a change. Mini is an excellant trainer and put my mind at ease. He is a great motivator and believes in me. What a great way of changing your life in your own home."

Narinder Chumber

It was given to me as a Christmas gift to just get into some sort of shape - and it worked fantastically well. Mini’s encouragement and dedication are what really help drive you on. Listen to what he’s advises, both nutritionally and physically, and it really does pay dividends
And it’s not complicated. Mini has a way of making it all really simple to understand. Don’t get me wrong you have to put the effort in, but it’s worth it if you do.
I would without doubt recommend Mini if like me you don’t really like the idea of going to a gym but like the idea of getting into shape."

Julian Bird

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